Want to win more work?


Want to win more work?

this book will help you

Clearly Creative CVs is available from bookshops and online retailers, list price £12.99. 

Clearly Creative CVs is available from bookshops and online retailers, list price £12.99. 

Whether you're a director, animator, camera person, editor or make-up artist, Clearly Creative CVs will win you more work.

Having read thousands of CVs, I've distilled my twenty years of hiring and production experience (backing it up with industry research) into a book that will teach you how to write a great CV for television and other creative industries. It will change the way you view the recruitment process, give you a new insight into why certain CVs are picked over others and teach you simple but effective marketing skills that will increase your interview requests,  job wins and annual earnings.

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"I gave your book to one of my alumni who was really struggling to get interviews and his foot in the door - he is extremely talented, but he wasn’t portraying that on his CV. After reading it he completely revamped his CV and was offered the next job he applied for!"

M.F., Media Trainer

"After reading this book it made me view my CV and how I sold my skills in a completely different light. My previous CV was awful in comparison to my current one, following Clearly Creative CVs I wrote a new one from scratch...  this book is guaranteed to give your career a boost"

J.W., Production Designer

"Just wanted to update you, things have been going well, so thanks for the CV advice again. I’ve had the chance to film in China, Sri Lanka and for ITN on multiple occasions since I updated everything after reading your book"

I.W., Cameraman

Win just one more hour's work and you'll pay for the book! 

Still Not Convinced?

Clearly Creative CVs is recommended by ProductionBase, the UK's leading source of TV jobs.

Clearly Creative CVs has a 5 star rating on Amazon. Here are a few quotes:

"This book helped me to completely re-write my CV into an organised creative format."

"I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the creative industry, whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for years, this book is guaranteed to give your career a boost!"

"This book has insightful and practical advice. It’s easy to navigate through the chapters and tailor to your CV requirements. The examples which show how employers view CV’s was really useful and a reality check. I would recommend this book to anyone in the industry."

The price of the book from there varies, it's usually cheaper to get your copy directly from us for the discounted rate of just £10.00, including P&P within the UK.


In this book, Gavin gives those entering the industry a short guide to what you need to include in your CV when you're starting out. He also gives you some tips of exactly which skills will make your CV stand out, and what will get your new employer to pick up the phone to ask you for an interview.

"This isn't a quick [read] on how to do your cv but rather an amazing template giving you insight on what the employer wants and needs." Sarah - Review on Amazon

First jobs are often challenging: working out how office culture is different from college life, suddenly thrown into a different context. Just think if you could get a list of critical tips to help you start work with a professional attitude and make a great first impression, even if you're just an intern. 

"The debate about Internships rages on, but for me the key thing is to know how to avoid being exploited and make the most of giving away your time and energy for free."


Learn how to: 

- Write a professional looking invoice
- Ensure you get all the details to make sure your invoice gets processed quickly
- Identifies the two kinds of companies you'll be dealing with
- How to get your invoices through both kinds of company
- Structure for chasing your invoices so that you get paid promptly 

This will help you be taken seriously by your employers and see you have better cashflow, fewer unpaid invoices and give you more time to enjoy your careers.

Gavin Ricketts is a writer, producer and director with over fifteen years’ experience working on both broadcast and corporate documentaries. 

In 2006, Gavin took on the challenge of setting up his own video production and animation company, which produces high-quality video and animation for clients including Honda, Space NK and Coca-Cola.

"I started giving CV workshops back in 2007 because I kept reading CVs with the same problems: poor design, layout or simply not communicating someone's skills. When we post a job ad here at Napoleon Creative we get so many responses we can’t spend long reading each one, so those that do not hit the nail on the head hit the recycle bin pretty quickly.

The trouble is, a poor CV is not always indicative of a poor applicant: many of the CVs we receive simply do not do their senders justice. So I developed a course to teach you how to write a great CV for the television industry. "

Now in book form, it gives you the insights and tips you need to prepare a corking CV that will make your skills crystal clear to a potential employer, even at a quick scan."

Considered an expert in creative recruitment and an honest and lively communicator, he is regularly invited to present at industry events and film festivals by the likes of Production Base, TRC Media and Channel 4. He has also written for the Guardian and runs workshops in central London.

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