We got an email earlier this year from the lovely Katie Mabbet

I finish working in Wardrobe on Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake Jan 27th 2010-and so am available if you need assistance with sets, props or costumes.I work as a designer, buyer, supervisor and dresser.I have the six male Principals to look after on ‘Swan Lake’ and 13 quick changes a show-five over the weekend-but it’s fun despite all the running up and down stairs!And repeated ripping/popping buttons of dancers costumes on stage! I recieved a generous tip from Scott Ambler and Steve Kirkham the Choreographers/Associate Directors of Matthew Bourne in my Xmas card and a ‘New Adventures’ t-shirt so hopefully they are happy with my work. Head of Wardrobe also gave us sparkly swan xmas tree decorations with chocolate attached with ribbons, sweet.Great crew & cast, London wrap party on the stage this week.I look forward to hearing about any projects/positions you have coming up.
All the best,
Katie Mabbett

Katie writes the perfect ‘I’m looking for work’ emails. Funny, insightful about her current job, no hard sell, simply, I’m here, I’m available. She’s stayed in touch even though we haven’t worked together for over a year, and I know the next time I need someone with a design/costume skillset, she’s the first person I’ll call.

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  1. Brilliant. I wish I could describe my work in this funny way. Even though I always enjoy and have fun at work I’m not a good storyteller.

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