Napoleon Creative has an office with a fantastic view over Regents Canal. I was taking a screen break the other day and noticed how still the water was, like a mirror.

Then a young moorhen came swimming along, minding her own business as she paddled along contentedly, while behind her the water started rippling out. Then those ripples hit the side of the canal boats, were reflected back into the canal, and they started overlapping.

This one bird created the most mesmerising geometric pattern of ripples and lines across the water. A barge would have just bulldozed through and left mashed up water. This reminded me of three things.

First, just because you’re working just by yourself or as a small team, doesn’t mean you can’t have a significant impact on the world.

Second, a smaller team can create something that’s more refined and complex than a larger organisation.

Third, as a small business, you’re forever looking forward – remember to take time to look back and see the affect your work has had.

Gavin Ricketts is a Producer/Director with twenty year's experience. His book on writing CVs for the creative industries has helped Film and TV Crew win more work.

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