Book CV workshop places at my next session on Tuesday 12 September at 7pm for just £60.

Are you a member of Production Base, Film Crew Pro or Shooting People? If so, you can book a place for a discounted rate of £50.

If you’re not, then why aren’t you members of them? Sign up, they’re great for learning more about your industry and getting work!

If you have less than 2 years of experience, you can get a New Industry Entrant rate of just £45 

Remember, we Pre-Qualify you before confirming your place. Simply email us your CV with no commitment to taking the workshop. If we think your CV is performing, we won’t suggest you go on the course. If your CV is in needs an overhaul, we’ll confirm your place.

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Worried about the cost?

If you’ve sent out your CV many times in the last two months but rarely had an interview, your CV is not working. With the skills you will gain through attending the session, your CV will communicate your skills better, making it more likely that you’ll get invited to interview. That means you can add the people who interviewed you to your networking strategy, growing your leads for new work. If you get the job, you have another credit, more experience and maybe 10 members of crew to connect with. You’ll have been paid to do the job you love. Expand this principle over a year, and soon your £60 investment in your career will turn into maybe 5 new contacts, 5 new credits, a wider range of new experience and skills. Which in turn will help you get more work…

And remember, as this is not a free or ‘a cinema ticket’ priced event you can be assured that you are in good company. The people who attend our sessions are those who really value investing in their career and are serious about their future in Television. We never get those who’d just like a cool sounding job, but aren’t motivated to actually find one, and tend to drift into a job in another industry within a year. And the other attendees might not seem like they can get you a job right now, but developing long term contacts with other industry professionals is the key to staying in work.

I found the CV surgery advice incredibly invaluable.

It helped me to have perspective on something that I had taken for granted. Gavin sees a lot of CVs, so if you want your work noticed above the crowd I would certainly recommend the CV Surgery.The advice is to the point, simple, and helpful. The follow up emails give you further advice tailored to your CV. I think if you’ve been struggling to get interviews this could be the key. I certainly feel a lot more confident about responding to job adverts.”

Comment by Dani, Assistant Producer

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