We all know what it’s like. Unlike other professions, where you may stay in one job for two to three years, in TV you’re changing jobs every two to three months. Looking for work becomes exhausting. And you run out of ideas for getting new work.

Imagine if over the next 50 days, you got an email with simple, actionable tips to help boost your job hunting:

– Creating yourself as a credible brand

– How to spruce up your CV

– Finding work by using social media to build contacts and work

– How to make a great impression at an interview

– Web tools to help you work more efficiently, and impress employers by saving them time and money!

These aren’t generic ‘coaching’ courses with common sense tips that can be googled for free

This is an industry specific course, aimed at helping those pursing a career in TV stay motivated and focused on getting new work, building their contacts and .

For just £10, that’s 20p a tip, you’ll learn:

Why it’s not over the top to create your own brand
Body language tips to making that essential first impression
Why you should be spending time on twitter, Vimeo and LinkedIn… or why not!
Which web tools available for free you can use to improve the quality of your work, or impress employers with
How to play to your niche, and also play against it
The course is packed with clear action points, that will help you take control of you job search and make the most of your skills and ambition.

You only need to get ONE HOUR’S worth of work from these tips in order to get your money back!

Working as a freelancer, moving from job to job can take all your time and energy
50 tip in 50 Days will give you inspiration and keep you focused on getting more and better work

Spread out over a series of days, you won’t have to spend long actioning each tip, usually between ten and twenty minutes. But by the end of the course you’ll have significantly improved the way you work.

£10 for 50 tips equates to 20p a day. If our tips get you just one more hour’s work, then you’ve paid for the 50 Tips in 50 Days course.

Production Companies are flooded with applicants for work, and many are making the same mistakes which keep them off the shortlist. Our tips are based on the experience of working professionals who recruit people on a daily basis, so they’re proved to be effective in getting your work cover.

So get ahead of the hundreds of other people looking for work in Media, sign up to our 50 Tips for 50 days course now!