Are you struggling to understand what your potential employers really think when they look through your CV?

Imagine you’re sat in pub chatting to a Producer over a lunchtime pint, picking their brains about how to get their attention!

Many freelancers, both experienced and inexperienced, tell us they struggle to get through to a human being when applying for work. It’s all just ’email your CV’ or ‘apply online.’ And from a Producer’s point of view, we get so many applications that we don’t have time to talk to every applicant before they apply. Sorry, we just don’t.

If you picked up the phone to call a Production Manager of a major TV company, you’re unlikely to get past the receptionist. You’re more likely to win the Lottery than to be able to get them out of the office and down the pub for a sociable pint so they can tell you exactly what they’re looking for in a CV.

Well, we can tell you. Because we know. We asked them!

We did undertook a survey of Producers and Production Managers asking a load of questions about the applications process. How they advertise. How they process and read the CVs that come in. What they’re looking for. And where people are constantly going wrong.

We then analysed the results, adding our 15 years of industry experience. Then created simple action points that can you can easily apply to your job hunting process, and put yourself ahead of the crowd. We’ll share all this knowledge with you.

We got some answers that will shock you, including why for some applicants, one in five employers aren’t calling them back. And what piece of information they find valuable that crew often don’t spend much time thinking about, or leave out all together!

This isn’t a generic “How To Write A CV” document with common sense tips that can be googled for free

This is a niche piece of research. Based on an industry-specifc survey, combined with my insight from 15 years of working experience, it’s totally relevant to the career you’ve chosen. It’s the thoughts of producers and production managers working in busy production offices across the UK.

We’ve priced this Report at just £3.70. That’s just the price of a pint of beer. Just think, skip one round next time you’re out, or don’t order a dessert. And you’ve paid for it. In return, you’ll get the insight into the brains of the people who look through your CV before they make the decision who to call. You’ll learn:

How they go about filling positions…

…and how that affects where you should spend your job searching energies

How they read your CV…

…and what this means for the way you write it

What the most important part of your CV…

…and how to get that part right

How many people are good at staying in touch with employers…

…and how you can be one of the ones to get it right

Statistics, Insight, Action

The report includes clear statistics, but more valubable than that, the easily executable Action point so you can change the way you apply for jobs to make you more likely to get an interview.

All for just £3.70!