Whether you’re a director, animator, camera person, editor or make-up artist, Clearly Creative CVs will win you more work.

Having read thousands of CVs, I’ve distilled my twenty years of hiring and production experience (backing it up with industry research) into a book that will teach you how to write a great CV for television and other creative industries. It will change the way you view the recruitment process, give you a new insight into why certain CVs are picked over others and teach you simple but effective marketing skills that will increase your interview requests,  job wins and annual earnings.

Here’s the evidence:

“I gave your book to one of my alumni who was really struggling to get interviews and his foot in the door – he is extremely talented, but he wasn’t portraying that on his CV. After reading it he completely revamped his CV and was offered the next job he applied for!”

M.F., Media Trainer

“After reading this book it made me view my CV and how I sold my skills in a completely different light. My previous CV was awful in comparison to my current one, following Clearly Creative CVs I wrote a new one from scratch…  this book is guaranteed to give your career a boost”

J.W., Production Designer

“Just wanted to update you, things have been going well, so thanks for the CV advice again. I’ve had the chance to film in China, Sri Lanka and for ITN on multiple occasions since I updated everything after reading your book”

I.W., Cameraman

How to write a winning CV for the Creative Industries

This book is not a quick-fix guide to writing a ‘perfect’ CV. It’s about developing a mindset that will enable you to write the kind of CV employers love to read, teach you simple marketing techniques to keep you in employer’s minds when they’re recruiting, and give you strategies for increasing your hit rate of getting interviews.

Inside you’ll find everything from writing your master CV, how to reversion for different kinds of applications, writing a covering letter and how to building your contacts for finding more work.

Joe Mahoney, Managing Director of ProductionBase, thoroughly recommends the book, saying:

The great thing about this book is it clearly sets out how to market yourself in all stages of your career; from the budding wet-behind-ears grad, to the seasoned series producer, there is plenty in here to grapple with, no matter what rung of the ladder you’re on.

Clearly Creative CVs is recommended by ProductionBase, the UK’s leading source of TV jobs.

Clearly Creative CVs has a 5 star rating on Amazon. Here are a few quotes:

“This book helped me to completely re-write my CV into an organised creative format.”

“I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the creative industry, whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for years, this book is guaranteed to give your career a boost!”

“This book has insightful and practical advice. It’s easy to navigate through the chapters and tailor to your CV requirements. The examples which show how employers view CV’s was really useful and a reality check. I would recommend this book to anyone in the industry.”

Clearly Creative CVs is available in book shops at £12.99. You can order direct from Clearly Creative Space for just £10 with free P&P. 

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