Finding Your Footing

As a creative, finding your footing and building consistent stream of work can be a daunting task. A freelancer contacted me as he was facing just this problem as he reviewed his animation career options. Having worked in various creatives role, his CV was right for lots of jobs – and yet, no one was hiring him, because there was always someone with a more focused job history.  Together, we transformed his outlook by identifying his true passion and strategically positioning himself as a specialist in short, punchy animations.


What were his animation career options?

During our initial discussions, I guided the conversation towards the type of work that truly resonated with the animator. After all, there are lots of technical specialisms in Animation, and then there are the kinds of work, and the subject matter… Through reflection and exploration, we identified his sweet spot – he was really excited by the content he was seeing on social media; short, punchy animations.


Crafting a Marketing Strategy

Now, it might seem over the top as a freelancer to have a ‘marketing strategy’ but really it just means a plan to find more work! With a clear understanding of his niche, we shifted our focus to developing a marketing strategy that would position him as a specialist in short animations. Together, we devised a plan that included creating a tailored showreel showcasing his best work he’d already made, plus creating some new content. This showreel would become his primary tool for attracting new clients and demonstrating his expertise.


Reaching Out to Past Clients

In addition to targeting new clients, we recognised the value of reaching out to his existing network. As we talked, he remembered more and more people who might help him, whether that was people who might commission him, or who might help him build a website, or review his showreel and give him feedback. When I start prompting clients, they usually find they have a bigger support network than they first thought.


Results of the Coaching

The change he wanted did not come within the timeframe of the coaching we did together. It took him months of hard work and realigning his compass. But he started that journey because he had someone to talk to about his ideas and frustrations, someone who challenged his assumptions, and helped him build a plan. He’s now attracting a steady stream of clients who specifically seek his expertise in short animations.


Do you know your Animation Career Options?

If you want to find out if coaching can work for you, I offer a free introductory call to see if we can work together. I’ll listen to the challenges you have, then ask you a few questions. Together, we’ll start to plot a route forward.

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