Last month I finished work with a talented production designer and a working mother, as she navigated a career change into interior design.

When she approached me for coaching, she had an impressive background in production design but felt an increasing urge to explore new creative avenues within a different industry. She also wanted to change her working pattern to accommodate her family of husband and two quickly growing kids.

Addressing Time Constraints

As a working mother, she expressed concerns about finding the time to pursue a career change while effectively managing her responsibilities at home. As we explored various strategies to overcome this challenge, it became clear that it wasn’t just her that needed to change; her husband would need to change the way he contributed to the household as well. Sometimes not all the change rests on your shoulders!

career changeReuse and Recycle

It was clear from reviewing her existing production design portfolio that she had some great visual work to impress clients. She just needed a little more understanding of the practicalities of presenting work as an interior designer. We quickly came up with two lists;

  • skills she thought she would need
  • people already within her network who could help her

From there, she then started looking at online courses to help her career change.

Making the Career Change

Since she worked through my coaching system, she’s taken a few courses and built her portfolio. While she hasn’t transitioned to entirely working in interior design, she has worked on several bars and private residences.

It’s always great to see someone changing their trajectory, and following a new path. If you’re interested in making a career change, get in touch.

If you’re looking for hints for how to create the ideal portfolio, try my Creative Career Builder Course.

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