If you’ve landed on this post, you’re probably a Runner, keen to make your CV stand out. You might be at University, hoping you’ll find your first job. You might have had one or two jobs, but are worried you don’t have enough experience. You’re hoping that on this site you’ve discovered the perfect runner CV template to help you.

How do you write a TV Runner CV?

CVs have a format that’s pretty much universal, regardless of the industry you’re applying for, as it covers the key information an employer will want to know.

This information is used to make an informed decision on whether to look further at your application, or put you in the ‘no’ pile. Also known as the recycling bin.

Runner CV Template

Header – your name and contact information

Personal Statement – a description of your skills and intended career path

Credits – this is your work experience within the industry, be it internships, student films or paid production work

Other Work – a brief list of your non-production work, be sure to highlight transferable skills you’ve acquired

Education and Training – what you’ve learned and where you’ve learned it

Hobbies and Interests – what you enjoy outside of work

References – people who can vouch for your performance


But that’s just the start.


I’ve read a lot of Runner CVs, and I know what makes a runner CV stand out.

I know what  advice I have will make you stand out in a good way.

You’ll discover the secret to a great runner CV in my TV Runner CV course.


How to make your CV stand out – in a good way!


The problem: Your prospective employer is looking for particular skills that a runner needs to fit in with the team.

Before they will invest in booking you, your CV has to really show why you’re the right choice.

Your challenge as a Runner is not that you probably have little or no working experience on a professional film shoot.

It’s that you don’t know what those particular skills they’re looking for are, and how to communicate them.


Imagine:  You’re buying a Producer a coffee, and they’re going to give you an hour of their time.

You can ask them about exactly what they’e looking for in a runner.

They’d tell you how to impress them with your skills, even if you haven’t got much experience. You’d learn how to get them to trust you on their production. Sounds impossible?


The solution: You can do exactly this with the TV Runner CV Course. The tips and tricks in side will help you win your first jobs more quickly.  It covers all the key sections of the CV, and deals with how you can make your CV rise to the top of the pile

Runner CV Template“Just what every runner needs”

This isn’t a quick [course] on how to do your cv but rather an amazing template giving you insight on what the employer wants and needs.


Gavin Ricketts is a Producer/Director with twenty year's experience. His book on writing CVs for the creative industries has helped Film and TV Crew win more work.

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