Getting more Animation work is tough. There’s lots of work out there, but on the other hand, there’s lots of people competing for the work. And in amongst the serious players I get emailing our company about work, this is is the kind of thing I get around once a day into our generic inbox.

How not to go about getting more Animation work

Getting more animation work


  • No subject line
  • Sent to generic email address
  • Sent to multiple people without using bcc
  • Sender name not capitalised
  • Weird intro
  • Link and attachments which look like spam

I wonder how this person will ever find work?

The trick to getting more animation work

So here are some simple things for you to check. First, when you send an email, does the recipient see your name in full with capital letters? I often get emails that are just listed like this:

Make sure within the settings of your email that your display name looks professional. If in doubt, send someone you know an email and ask them how it looks. Though remember, if you are in their address book, you’ll appear as according to how they’ve put you in their book.

Where do you send you CV?

Never send emails to generic email accounts. Try and find a name. LinkedIn is a good way of looking up people at a particular agency, and you can guess their emails from the company’s domain. It’s usually firstname@ or firstname.lastname@. There are also sites like Hunter which help you find the addrees. 

If you can help it, don’t send bulk “Hi all” emails. Individualise them.

If you want my tips on how to do this properly, try my book Clearly Creative Course, which guides you not only how to write a great CV, but also how to write a covering letter that will get you on the interview short list. It will make getting more animation work far easier!

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Gavin Ricketts is a Producer/Director with over twenty year's experience. His courses on finding work in the creative industries has helped hundreds of Film and TV Crew win more work.

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