This Creative CV Course is not a quick-fix guide to writing a ‘perfect’ CV.

It’s tough getting through to the interview round when there’s so much competition for jobs. Getting rejected is demoralising, and you start to doubt your own creative abilities. Taking my creative cv course will help you rise above all this.

Clearly Creative CVs gives Freelancers looking for work proven techniques to communicate their skills and experience clearly so they win more work.

It’s about developing a mindset that will enable you to write the kind of CV employers love to read.


It will teach you simple marketing techniques to keep you in employer’s minds when they’re recruiting.

You will also learn strategies for increasing your hit rate of getting interviews.

The course takes you through all this and more step-by-step, with easy to implement tips and tricks.


creative cy course


How to write a winning CV for the Creative Industries

Inside you’ll find everything from writing your master CV, how to reversion for different kinds of applications, writing a covering letter and how to building your contacts for finding more work.

It’s full of insight around the recruitment process which will make sure you get on the interview list.

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The great thing about this course is it clearly sets out how to market yourself in all stages of your career; from the budding wet-behind-ears grad, to the seasoned series producer, there is plenty in here to grapple with, no matter what rung of the ladder you’re on.

Joe Mahoney, Managing Director of ProductionBase,

I have implemented the suggestions you made. Things have been going well. I’ve had the chance to film in China, Sri Lanka and for ITN on multiple occasions since I updated everything 🙂

Ivan, Camera Person

This course is like a good cake recipe… you just have to simply add you ingredients.
It will definitely work!

Donna, Production Manager

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Unlock the potential to showcase your talents and experiences with a compelling and impactful CV. Join our exclusive CV writing course designed specifically for creative professionals like yourself. Explore the art of crafting captivating narratives that grabs the attention of potential clients and employers. Learn the industry’s best practices to effectively communicate your unique abilities, achievements, and personal brand. Don’t let your remarkable talents go unnoticed – gain the competitive edge you deserve by mastering the art of CV writing today!