If you’re looking for creative career tips, then the Clearly Creative Career Builder course is designed just for you.

It’s day three without work

You’ve caught up with some chores. Checked your emails. Looked through the jobs boards. Applied online. Met a friend for coffee.

You send out another three emails to info@ addresses. Wonder how you are going to pay off the credit card at the end of the month.

I’ve been there as well

That uncertain feeling when one contract has ended, and the next one…?

Sure, it’ll be fine. Something will come along. But when?

Finding for Creative work is hard.

I didn’t need to tell you that. And you’re not the only one. I’ve helped many freelancers find more work, and what what struck me is that we all face the same struggles.


Do these sound familiar?

You know there are jobs out there – but where?

You know how to look for work, but you don’t have a solid plan to follow.

You want to focus on one job role, but fear you need to be an all rounder.

A lot of work comes from referrals, but you don’t like to ask for them.

You know you need to cold call but don’t like picking up the phone.

When you do, you get brushed off with “just send your CV to info@ addresses?


These creative career tips are not the stuff you learn at film school.

At Film School I learned to produce, write, direct and which end of the camera you point at the set. I didn’t learn a think about how to look for work and build my career.

I’ve learned how to win work by my own trial and error, from a wet-behind-the-ears production assistant to running my own production company for nearly 20 years. In that time I’ve hired hundreds of freelancers.

I’ve heard all of these struggles before – and had to wrangle with them myself!

While I can’t solve all your challenges of finding work, I do have tips and strategies to confront them head on. I can’t promise that you’ll never need to look for work again, but you should have more work coming to you – and the kinds of jobs you really want.

Added to that, I’ve picked up some great tools from a variety of business trainings, which I’ve paid thousands of pounds for over the years, that will help you in your job search.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Course

1. Can the Career Builder really help me grow my career?

The simple answer is yes. I can’t promise you’re going to get a call from Netflix the day after completing the course, but the practical advice and mindset changes you’ll learn will help you become a Trusted Collaborator who gets more offers of work more regularly.

2. Is this the best course for me?

There are lots of courses out there helping freelancers. The Career Builder is geared to freelancers who want to deliver great work, build trust and rapport with their employers, and do all this in a smart way, automating as much as they can to free up their time.

3. Do I need to take the offer NOW?

Yes, you need to act now. That might not be buying my courses. But you need to make a change today. If you don’t know what to change about the way you work, then this is the course for you. The price of my courses will be going up as I add more content. So getting in now will lock you in to the content at the best value.

4. What if it doesn’t work for me?

Of course you’ve got doubts, maybe thinking, “Well, the course has work for everyone else but I don’t think it will work on me.” There will be sections that will resonate with you more than others, but you will find the majority of it relevant to you.

5. Will there be good after-sales service?

If you’ve got any questions about the course you’re welcome to contact me directly, but I recommend putting them on our LinkedIn group, where the community of freelancers can answer your questions.

David was stuck in a rut.

When he applied for jobs he got no reply. Then he changed the way he approached finding work based on what he learned in the Career Builder course.

“I honestly only started hearing back from employers after using the tips in this course”

David, Sound Engineer


What will you get in the course?

  • A series of modules which explains Gavin’s ideas and tells you his experiences of recruiting

  • Downloadable templates, worksheets and more

  • Clear examples of how others have made progress in their careers

  • Lessons in the principles of marketing and how they apply to media recruitment 

  • Access to the Clearly Creative Space LinkedIn group where you’ll see weekly nudges for improving your ways of finding work