Here are are some of the lovely comments people have made about the CV Surgery, now known as ClearlyCreative.Space:

I thought the CV surgery was amazing! What a find! I have been struggling for so long with my CV, and Gavin & the CV Surgery were the perfect discovery!

Gavin has such a great teaching method, and made learning so easy. He came up with some great ways of improving my CV, and was really attentive. He was happy to look over changes I’d made – even though it was months after the course!

I would thoroughly recommend the surgery to anyone who wants to improve their CV!


Gavin helped me get some valuable perspective on my achievements and highlight my skills in a concise, direct way. His insights have really helped me focus on my strengths and given me more confidence to approach potential employers. Our small group had diverse skills and experience, but with Gavin’s straightforward guidance we also learnt a lot from each other.


Being preoccupied with looking for jobs, I’d neglected one of the key ingredients; developing my CV. Gavin has a real talent in finding areas for improvement, and instantly helped me see the shortcomings in my work. I found him easy to work with and very straightforward in his approach; and his advice has helped me in many areas of employment besides my CV ever since.


The CV Surgery session led by Gavin Ricketts is extremely useful for those who need to improve their CVs but don’t know how to. Gavin is able to deliver the goods directly and clearly, making sure that each individual’s CV is addressed and analyzed in such a way that you are learning more than expected. The session was friendly and inspiring.

What made this work for me, was the follow-up feed-back that Gavin provides. I was able to redo a new CV and send it to him for his comments and get an objective opinion as to how I came across in my CV.


I found Gavin’s CV surgery an invaluable wake-up call: if your CV isn’t up to scratch then you won’t get that job, even if you deserve it! His comments were to the point, practical and motivating. I was able to go away, look through my notes and come up with a new version that hit the spot almost straightaway. That’s down to good teaching.


I found the CV surgery advice incredibly invaluable.

It helped me to have perspective on something that I had taken for granted. Gavin sees a lot of CVs, so if you want your work noticed above the crowd I would certainly recommend the CV Surgery.

The advice is to the point, simple, and helpful. The follow up emails give you further advice tailored to your CV. I think if you’ve been struggling to get interviews this could be the key. I certainly feel a lot more confident about responding to job adverts.


I am very glad that I attended the CV surgery session because it has improved my CV a lot. It made me realise things about my CV which I wouldn’t have thought twice about before.The people at the session got an e-mail reminding them what was recommended to improve your CV. I thought this was very useful as well.My CV has changed a lot for the better because of this course.


Thanks so much again for the great workshop. I’m very glad i found it.

It’s really helped me to bring out my strengths and experience and present it on the page for someone to easily take in and comprehend. I was surprised by all my experience!


Gavin’s CV surgery is a fantastic kick up the **** to get your CV into shape.
He takes you through step by step – giving you invaluable advice on what works, what doesn’t, and how to create a stand out CV that will get you the job.

If you know your CV usually gets binned – this course is a must !


The CV surgery was really an eye opener for me. I changed my CV a lot and it looks much better now.

Anneke Bosma

When applying for positions in a competitive job market it is always very hard to get the genuine feedback required to improve one’s chances. Through the surgery, I got exactly the pointers needed to update and present my skills through my CV to do myself justice and as a result have had two interviews for very interesting positions.