Are you looking to grow your freelancing? My network of camera people, animators and voice over artists seem to fall into one of two camps at the moment.

Team A

They are flat out, and are looking forward to the Christmas break.

Team B

They’re emailing me their CVs and posting about their availability on LinkedIn – which means they don’t have the amount of work they’d like.

Which Team are you?

If you’re Team A, that’s brilliant. You need read no further!

If you’re in Team B, you’re probably wishing you had a helping hand.

Someone to bounce ideas off.

Who has great ideas for finding work.

To be honest, someone to do the hard work of finding work for you. ⚒️


If this sounds familiar, then I might be able to help.

I’ve been running Napoleon Creative for nearly 20 years, and in that time I’ve learned a lot about how to recruit freelancer creatives – and how they market themselves to me.

I’ve worked with so many great freelancers who aren’t great at selling myself that I feel a duty to help them if I can.

I’ve also been coaching creative freelancers for over 10 years. I’ve run workshops, written a CV book and set up online courses which have helped over a thousand freelancers find more work.


And I’ve combined the best of all these practices into a hybrid course of coaching and training.


🎉 The Creative Career Catalyst 🎉


This 12 week programme will build your confidence in finding work. You’ll be applying for jobs confident your CV shows your skills in the best way, that your showreel is ticking all the right boxes, and your covering letter is spot on.

Which means you’ll be getting more calls to interview, and winning more work.

And if you start before the end of the month, you can spend December honing your job finding skills and building the most effective assets (CV, portfolio, showreel) so that in January you can hit the ground running and make 2024 your most successful year yet.

If you’re looking to grow your freelancing career, there’s one  Unlike other professions, where you may stay in one job for two to three years, in TV you’re changing jobs every two to three months. Looking for work becomes exhausting. And you run out of ideas for getting new work.

Grow your freelancing with Career Catalyst

“I was hugely pleased with how my first session with Gavin.

He has already helped bring some much needed clarity and we have set out a step-by-step strategy as to how I can look to expand my client base by adopting various ‘winning habits’.

As someone who works on their own primarily, it’s fantastic to have someone who knows the industry so well to be able to bounce ideas off and give an external perspective.

There’s already a backlog of other things I’m eager to talk through in our next session.”

What do you get on the Career Catalyst?

  • Over 5 hours of one-to-one coaching.
  • Easy-to-follow lessons on how to market yourself.
  • Templates to help accelerate your learning.
  • Worksheet to track your progress.
  • The accountability that will keep you focused.
  • You’ll be the centre of attention, with all materials selected especially for you.


Think of me as an architect who can give you the blue prints to your ideal new home, and point to where you can get the best bricks.


Or the chef’s assistant who’s got all the ingredients out the fridge, peeled, grated and chopped them, so you just have to fry them up and take the credit.


You deserve to be recognised for your skills and win more work, and the Creative Career Catalyst will help you do just that.