I offer one-to-one creative coaching because I love helping freelancers grow their careers. This is why I trained as a coach. I work exclusively with individuals who either freelance or run small agencies in the creative industries.

Answering your questions about One-to-One Creative Coaching

You probably have a whole list of questions about creativity coaching. Some of these will be specific to you and we can talk them through in email or in our discovery coaching call. But here are the answers to questions that I often get asked.

Who is one-to-one creative coaching for?

My clients have included artists, writers, photographers and designers, all working in creative professions. Each have had very different situations, and also very shared challenges.

Don’t I just need more will-power?

Sometimes it’s good to work under our own steam and just keep pushing forward. But sometimes we need help. Our culture teaches us that discipline and will-power are primary; and activate those you also need:

  • the confidence to put yourself forward for work
  • trust in your skills and talents
  • An understanding of the tools you need to grow your career

The need for coaching is recognised by top business people and CEOs, as well as sports people.

Think of the athletes in training for the next Olympics. Do you think any less of them for having coaches?

In fact, we’d say they weren’t taking things seriously if they didn’t have a coach – and they almost certainly wouldn’t have got to competition level without one.

Likewise, its particularly good for creative people to have outside help, for all too often they struggle on for years, quite alone.

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What does coaching involve?

My creative coaching practice involves regular sessions online or face-to-face in East London. Change may happen quickly or it may take time. For coaching to work you need to be committed to these sessions, and to taking action between them.

How long will creativity coaching take?

We have a first short conversation to make sure we want to work together. Then we set up a program to suit you. How long it lasts depends on the challenge you want to tackle.

One session alone is a start, but it won’t make for major change or development. I usually see clients at least once a month over three to six months. Often, their work on self improvement goes beyond that, sometimes baring full fruit in a year or more.

I find most clients benefit from my 12 week programme, the Career Catalyst. This is a combination of training modules supported by one-to-one sessions design to grow your freelancing.

Will you tell me all the answers?

No. Coaching is a space where you can work out your own answers, facilitated by me, the coaching process and the coaching tools and expertise that I bring.

What I or other people may think you need to do is relevant, if only as a reference point for working out what feels right for you. My job is to help you identify what you need to do.

In the sessions, you’ll  mostly be the one talking, and I will listen, and give you observations to challenge your current way of thinking. Together we will explore the areas that concern you and find a way forwards.

Will I have to talk about the past?

The past inevitably comes up as a frame of reference for how you want to change in the future. Sometimes this involves looking back at patterns of behaviours or assumptions you’ve made, which might stem right back to childhood. However, we only discuss these it’s relevant to the problem at hand.

Coaching isn’t counselling or psychotherapy, and if we find you needing a level of personal therapy outside of my skillset, I can refer you on to another professional.


You will bring…

Open mindedness. Trust. A commitment to get what you need from the process.

I will bring…

100% focus on you. No judgement. A friendly, open, clearly creative space. A determination to help you achieve sustainable results and long-lasting positive impact on your career. And of course, my decades of experience doing the kinds of work you’ve done, and the learning I have done on the way.


Where is the coaching?

We can meet face-to-face if we can agree a mutually convenient space. My studio is in Shoreditch, so usually have my sessions there or near Old Street tube.

I’ve also worked with people based in the US and Australia, via video calls.  You’ll get access to an online portal where I post content that will help you. Whatever suits you best.


How does one-to-one creative coaching start?

If you’re interested in getting my help as a private coaching client I offer a free discovery’ call where we can talk over whatever you have going on and how we might work together.