A freelancer was searching for cameraman cv tips and came across my CV course. He joined the site, and after working his way through it, he re-wrote his CV. When complete, he send both the before and after versions to me. It was such a joy to see such a significant change. The new version much easier to read and pull information from. It was so much easier to see what he was capable of as a cameraman.

I gave him a free CV review, offering a few further ideas. He tweaked it again, and the final version communicated his skills in a far simpler and more comprehensive way. And it has definitely worked! He emailed me a few months later saying:

“Just wanted to update you, things have been going well, so thanks for the CV advice again. I’ve had the chance to film in China, Sri Lanka and for ITN on multiple occasions since I updated everything after reading your book.”

He’s now a DoP pop promos and flying all over the world!

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Where to find Cameraman Cv Tips

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