This Media Trainer runs month-long courses helping young people get a job in media. I ran a daytime CV workshop based on my CV book for creative people, helping the attendees improve their CVs and better understand how to approach their job search.

“The workshop went really well, and I know that they all got lots out of it and are fired up to write their new fabulous CV! The workshop scored an average of 9/10 and they scored you at 8/10 (which is really good as they are a tough crowd!) . They rated an average of 40% increase in their ability after the workshop. I think you could safely quote 100% positive feedback.

I gave your book to one of my alumni who was really struggling to get interviews and his foot in the door – he is extremely talented, but he wasn’t portraying that on his CV. After reading it he completely revamped his CV and was offered the next job he applied for!”

daytime CV workshop