CC KindleIf you’ve landed here, you’ve probably just seen a job you want to apply for and you want to send your CV in as quickly as possible. Only if you’re like me, you last updated your CV months ago. You need a quick CV fix!

Well, Clearly Creative CVs can help. Simply click here to download the book on Kindle and you can be finding simple, effective ways to improve your chances of winning that job within minutes. Throughout the book, I’ve marked focus marks on those areas of the book that are really important and quick to implement, so you can get a quick CV fix and get it on to the interview pile.

Two Day’s Hard Work

Be warned, however, the full Clearly Creative CVs process requires you to invest some serious time to implement. Your CV is probably the most significant document you’ll ever write, since those two pages of A4 will decide the jobs you win, affecting your earning power, determining your circle of contacts and influencing the path your career takes.

You need to treat your CV with the greatest of respect, to nurture it and tend it as your career grows. If you keep it well fed and watered, it will in return keep food on your table and fill your days with interesting, challenging, fulfilling work.

More than a quick CV fix

If you’re serious about updating your CV, or even starting one from scratch, it’s not something that you’ll achieve in an hour or two. If you’re serious about following the Clearly Creative process, you need to start by reading right the way through Part 1: Selling Yourself to grasp the concept of how to sell your services.

Then you can begin the writing process, which is what Part 2: Creating a Clearly Creative CV is all about. Ideally, you’ll start one Saturday morning, or first thing on a free day between jobs. Get up as though it’s a work day, sit at a desk, set aside your mobile phone and get grafting. Plough through to Chapter 8 – Personal Introduction. This will probably take you till lunch.

Break for lunch, get some food and fresh air!

After you’re back from lunch, spend the rest of the afternoon on Chapters 9 Credits to Chapter 11 – Creative Work. It really will take you that amount of time to write up your credits, getting them structured, writing and reviewing.

The next day you have available, start at 9am again and work through Chapter 12- Training, Software and Education to Chapter 14 – References, which shouldn’t take too long. From say, 11.30am till lunch, you can proof read everything you’ve written so far.

Coming back from lunch, start with the Chapter 15 – Branding Your CV. Moving through the book, you should complete the version control section around 4.00pm. Take half an hour out to watch some daytime TV, then another hour of proofing. When you’re done for the day, send it out to three friends to proof. Remember to offer to proof their CV in return.

By working your way through this book on this schedule, you can have a great, clearly creative CV in two day’s work.


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Calculating the Benefit

So what will this cost you? Let’s say this book costs you the full cover price of £12.99. Add to that the two day’s work I’ve described above. Maybe you charge £250 a day, that’s £500 you’ve not earned. Suddenly, that’s £515 you’re out of pocket. Wait, I’m making this sound like a really bad deal.

You have to think of the bigger picture. After employing the Clearly Creative process, crew members have seen an increase in interest in their CV. Plus they have seen the rates they’ve been offered rise. Even a quick CV fix can have impact.

Let’s say that for every 10 jobs, you currently get an average of 2 interviews. Now, imagine sending out your sparkling new CV and you start getting an average of 4 interviews. You only need to convert one of those to a week’s work to pay back over double the £515. On the way, you’ve got another clip on your showreel and more contacts to ask for work from.

Multiply these increased earnings and opportunities over  five years, and your £515 investment will make an incredible difference to your career.

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