LinkedIn has evolved incredibly over the last few years, and there are even better ways to let potential employers visiting your profile see the work you do. As well as sharing links within the main feed, there are two places you can put your showreel on your profile itself. The first is your Contact and Person Info, and the other is a Job listing. This post will show you how to post a LinkedIn Showreel in both!

UPDATE: this post was brought up to date in January 2018

How to Add a LinkedIn Showreel

Contact and Personal Info

Go to your profile and start the edit mode. Look to the right, and you’ll see Contact and Personal Info (see screenshot below). Click on the pencil to edit.

A box will pop up with basic contact details, with spaces for you to add three links. You will see a list of generic link types (personal website, blog, portfolio etc).

What is not clear is that if you select Other (circled) then a new text box is revealed below, enabling you to give your link custom text (see arrow).

This means you can give your showreel link a call to action. Try writing a call to action that is going to entice people to click!

Watch my 2018 showreel

How I light interviews

My toughest make up job

Also, note the option with the star at the bottom. If you select ‘yes’ to Share profile changes your new showreel will be shared with all your contacts’ feeds!

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Job Listing

The second place to add showreels is in each Job Listing. When in edit mode, alongside each job entry there’s a pencil top right (circled) just begging to be clicked.

When you’ve clicked it, you’ll get a pop up box. There are more options than you initially see – scroll to reveal the area indicated by the arrow.

Once revealed, click on the Link option (see arrow).

A box will pop up where you can add the URL to your showreel. It’ll pop up with the thumbnail, so be sure to choose a dramatic shot, or maybe your endframe with you contact details (you can choose the thumbnail within YouTube, Vimeo or whichever platform your video is hosted, not within LinkedIn). Give the clip a title specific to why employers should look at it, not just the name of the clip. Add a few details in the box below as well, so they know what they’re looking at.

If your reel is a montage of shots, you might list the various productions they were from.

Once you’ve clicked Apply, it will sit underneath your job listing very tidily.




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