Further to my other posts, here’s another cameraman CV example.

I would like to add a disclaimer here: I prefer the term cameraperson, since it is gender neutral. However, in this case it’s male cameraperson I’m discussing, and keyword research shows me that cameraman is a more searched for term. Hence I’ve used the word cameraman throughout.

Cameraman CV Example

So, further to Tip #1, another improvement that Ivan made to his CV was the way he expressed his experience. Ivan is a great cameraman based in London.

Draft 1

In the first draft Ivan sent me for example, he described one job as:

“Lighting and camera for two car reviews for the Auto Trader website.”

This really didn’t tell me much. I know from filming car promo shoots myself that cars are complicated beasts to film. Their bonnets and windscreens are basically big, shiny mirrors, so lighting them is a pain, especially as you’re also trying not to get kit reflected in the shot too. None of this came out in the way he wrote it about the job.

Draft 2

So I suggested he wrote much more detail about the way he filmed the material. In the next draft of his CV, he wrote:

“We filmed the presenter talking about the car and its features, both while the car was stationary and driving. We also had to do moving shots, which involved riggings cameras to the car. They also wanted beauty shots of the vehicle, which involved using both tracks and sliders. “

This communicates much more about his knowledge and experience as a camera person. It made me see him at work, the complexity of what he had shot. I could see all the kit involved that he would need to be in charge with. I imagined him working with at least one assistant to make sure he was working safely to get the shots required.


Did this example Cameraman CV work for you?

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