Recently, a cameraman sent in a CV which was four pages long. Now, much as we’d love to have time to read through it all, we don’t. And the brutal reality is that we’re not going to. We’ll cast our eyes over the front page, maybe two. If we don’t see details there that catches our eye, we’re unlikely to make it to pages three and four. Whatever the cameraman was trying to tell us on page 3 and 4, we’ll probably never know. It might have even been a job identical to the one we’re doing, and would have made us give him a call.

You never know which project is going to resonate with your potential employer, so you really need to be selective in the way you write and present your CV, so you can get across the variety of work you’ve done, without listing every single job in detail. It’s a tough task!

Clearly Creative tip: Keep your CV to 2 sides of A4.

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