I stumbled across this story via @hypnotistchris about a guy who stood near a busy junction with a sign looking for work. A passing business man saw him standing in the rain, a few hours later, he’d had an interview and started work as a frame maker.

Somehow, I can’t see you having the same success if you make a similar sign and stand outside of BBC Television Centre. But there are lessons to learn from this.

Clearly Creative tips:

  1. Tenacity works.
  2. You have to go look where the people who can employ you are.
  3. You have to be able to stand out.
  4. Employers are willing to take a chance on someone who doesn’t at first appearance seem to be ‘qualified’ for the job if their attitude fits with theirs.
  5. Novelty works once or twice. If every junction had someone with a sign, those potential employers driving by would soon get blind to them

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