Changing the Way You Work

In this series of posts I’m mentioning books I’ve found invaluable in changing the way I think about the way I work, the way I find work, and the way I build relationships at work. Most of these books are well under ten pounds, and just an hour of skim reading can change the way you work.

Richard Templar’s The Rules of Work is a brilliant book. I wish that someone had given this to me when I was in my early twenties and starting to work in a professional environment. I’d never worked in an office, only in shops and bars as weekend jobs. This book brings together a whole load of “oh yeah, that makes sense” tips about how to behave and how to interact with other members of staff. Much of this you’ll learn as you go along, but if you’re a recent graduate, you’ll experience fewer growing pains as you start working in a professional environment.

Disclaimer: the links include a token, from which I receive a very small fee if you then buy the book from Amazon. Be assured I’m recommending these books on the strength of the contents, not my commission!

Gavin Ricketts is a Producer/Director with over twenty year's experience. His courses on finding work in the creative industries has helped hundreds of Film and TV Crew win more work.

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