Here’s a common clanger that people put in their covering letter. They tell their new employer they’re the ‘ideal candidate’ for the job. Like this quote from a recent application:

I believe I am the ideal candidate for this position as I fill all the requirements.

Or another:

I know I would be prefect for the role as a Junior Accounts Manager

Oh, great, I can delete the other 200 applicants. Phew.

Actually, many, many of the applicants fill the requirements. It doesn’t make them right for the job. It’s a real turn off as an employer to be told that a particular applicant is the perfect one. I’ll be the judge of that, when I’ve looked through your CV.

The biggest sway on a job application is your attitude and personality. I can overlook a lack of a particular skill, if I think you have the right attitude and the gumption to learn the skills necessary.

If you really want to say you’re right for the job, then tell them about what skills you have and how they’re relevant. That’s how to really connect with the person reading your application.

Here’s a really nice way to word that you’re a good fit, without using that kiss-of-death word ‘perfect’:

I am excited to be applying for this role. Not only do the requirements match my skills and experience, but I am almost certain that this is a job I would really enjoy.

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