Creating Local TV Stations

TV in the UK has always had regional programming, but those regions have been quite broad. With the digital switchover, a new opportunity for a network of truly local TV stations has presented itself. Comux came up with a clever way of creating shared infrastructure and a financial model to maintain it, so the costs of being a broadcaster weren’t burdening the TV stations. These new TV stations will mean more local TV jobs!

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They approached my video production company and animation studio  and asked us to make a  video for them. We explained the whiteboard animation benefits and came up with the video below.

This will lead to much more localised production across the UK, opportunities for people to cut their teeth locally, before moving on to other production companies elsewhere. You’ll probably get more chance to do a bit of everything as well, getting a broader experience. If you’re looking for work, check if there are opportunities with your local TV station.


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