We’ve got a new Animator job going at Napoleon Creative. We advertised it on Animation Base, posted on our LinkedIn profiles and we tweeted about it. When we advertise a media job application emails are usually quite quick to come in. However, one guy responded on Twitter:

I mean, really? The link to the information about the job was in our tweet. But no, for this one individual, we should write him a personal email ? Needless to say, in amongst responding to the 40 odd applications, we didn’t get time to write to him, nor have we seen an application from him.

We understand if you see a job and need more information. If the production company hasn’t included the location, or the specific software package, or the camera being used. You might ask for that detail. That could be helpful to them; missing an important bit of information is surprisingly easy. When I’m writing a quick job ad, I know exactly what I want, doesn’t mean I always put it in the job spec! A nudge to say “can you tell me where the job is based?” means I can improve the ad. Just never expect the employer to contact you to tell you more!

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