As an antidote to my rather negative previous post, here’s proof that while it may have been grumpily written, it’s actually good cover letter advice that works. I got this email shortly after from Chris who freelances as a Producer and Director. He’s been able to win more work thanks to my cover letter advice.

Hi Gavin,

I heard you speak at the Production Base party the other night and wanted to thank you – I’ve taken your advice about writing a good covering letter, and I’m getting a much better response from my applications as a result.

Many more of my applications result in the employer viewing my Production Base profile, and I’m sure it’s because I’m doing the things you suggested in your talk.

Thanks for your hard work on this – putting your advice into practice has really improved my job chances.

Very best, Chris

Cover Letter Advice

My key advice is to introduce yourself briefly, and then talk about what the employer needs. Think about the role that is being advertised, and what that role will entail. What are the very specific problems that might happen in that kind of problem. Identify them and then show how you can solve them.

By doing this, you’re showing your potential new employer that you understand their problems, and are able to think ahead. It shows you as proactive and capable.

Remember, this all goes in the body of the email, or the block of text you complete when applying. Don’t write it within a Word Doc, and then attach it.

You can hear the talk that I did for Production Base below.

What to take it to the next level?

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