In this post, I have some covering letter advice for someone who sent me a spam email looking for work:


I am Brazilian and I’m living in London with my wife who is Brazilian but she also has a German passport.

I’m a video guy, I have 5 years of experince in video edition, motion graphic design and video productions.

You can see my portfolio on my website.

I’m lookin for a job or freelance gigs.

Thank you!

Best Regards

My Covering Letter Advice

I sent my equally cut’n’paste standard reply in response. It was the usual thanks but we have no vacancies at present email. I didn’t even click to look at his CV. If he isn’t going to spend any time engaging with me or showing me how his experience and work is directly relevant to the work we do here, I’m not going to spend my time doing it for him.

Oh, and the wife with the German passport? If you’re trying to say you can work here legally, just say it directly and clearly, rather than explaining your family history.

Although I appreciate English is not his first language, a spell check would have helped.

Does this approach work?

In my experience, this kind of scattergun approach rarely works. Your average producer/production manager knows enough good people who are out of work to fill these roles. If you want to really cut through to them, you’ve got to show you have something special that is directly relevant to their work.

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Your challenge is to do your research on the company, and work out what their needs and challenges are. This means you’re going to have to spend time on each application, and so will send out fewer emails. However, those emails will be far more effective.

So if the person who wrote this email reads this, I’m trying to give you some positive advice. Don’t spend an hour emailing 50 people, spend 3 hours emailing 5 people with an absolutely bespoke covering letter. Your success rate will be far higher.


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  1. Yes, that’s me…

    I’m completly agree with you Garvin and I can understand what you saying, for sure you are right, I’m sorry about the copy’n’paste email and the same goes for the other 50 people I sent this email, this exact email…LOL…

    I’m sorry..

    I just threw salt in my game…

    I don’t want the explain me here, but I came to London 15 days ago, and I was a little desperate, but now I think is better I’m study some english, follow some advices and think a little more before applying for a job opportunity.

    And for sure, you CAN use my example in yours workshops, don’t worry…

    And you can see my portfolio, isn’t so bad…LOL

    Just don’t publish here, don’t throw more salt in my game…LOL

    Thanks Garvin.

    All the best!

    Brazilian Guy.

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