Last month, my Mum was clearing out the loft when she discovered a camera that still had a film in it. So I took it and got it developed and remarkably the photos came out okay. Sure, they had to be photoshopped a little to get out the scratches and blemishes, but not bad for being abandoned for that long! All the snaps are of my brother’s graduation back in 1993. I can’t believe that’s 20 years ago this summer.

I look at the photo and think how little I knew then, and also how little I would really have been able to listen to anyone tell me what I needed to know to get ahead.

If I could do one thing for myself at that age, it would be to give myself a copy of Richard Templar’s Rules of Work. It’s a great book, filled with stupid, obvious tips on how to do well at work.

If you’re just starting your career in any field, it’s a good read.

Gavin Ricketts is a Producer/Director with over twenty year's experience. His courses on finding work in the creative industries has helped hundreds of Film and TV Crew win more work.

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